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Mastering Black & White Seminar Colour Calibration Seminar Panoramic Photography Seminar Photoshop & Lightroom Seminars

In this workshop, Michael Eleftheriades will be exploring what makes a successful b&w photograph, when to shoot in monochrome, and will be demonstrating the different ways to successfully convert your colour images using Photoshop and Lightroom.

The seminar will comprehensively demonstrate the procedures and settings for calibrating Nikon cameras, monitors, and printers and how to manage colour-profiled workflows with consistency and reliability. This popular event will include demonstrations of the latest Spyder calibrators.

Panoramic Photography is one of the most complex photographic tasks, yet with the advent of digital it is becoming ever more popular. We will be looking at these new workflows, from choosing the right equipment, to acquisition, post-production, and rendering of panoramic images and virtual reality scenes.

In this workshop we will provide a thorough introduction to Adobe Lightroom, including organising and cataloguing your images, editing and developing your shots, outputting to print, slideshows and websites. Throughout the session we will highlight useful tips to help you spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the camera.

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