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Panoramic Photography Seminar
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Hiroshima, Japan
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The Definitive Panoramic & Virtual Reality Workshop

According to a recent article [January 2016] on the BBC website, 2016 is the year when VR goes from virtual to a reality. With huge investment from industry leaders such as Google, Facebook, Samsung and Microsoft, the pieces of the puzzle are rapidly coming together to make it a reality in business and in the home, and one of the biggest technology trends of the year.

Panoramic Photography used to be one of the most complex photographic tasks, yet with the advent of digital it is becoming ever more popular. Its popularity is driving the development of new techniques and applications, which have considerably simplified the task. Michael Eleftheriades will be looking at these new workflows, from choosing the right equipment, to capturing the highest quality images with Nikon cameras, post- production, and the distribution of panoramic images and virtual-reality scenes.

From the stills photography perspective, Michael will be looking at how panoramic techniques can help in dealing with common photographic problems, such as shooting in tight spaces, shooting multiple shots without a wide-angle lens, shooting with shift lenses, correcting fish-eye lens distortion and shooting in 3D. Weather permitting, an outdoor photography session will be included so that you can learn using their own equipment and see at first-hand panoramic equipment working in practice.

Now that Nikon is also joining this field with the highly anticipated KeyMission 360 degree Action Cam, Michael Eleftheriades will demonstrate how this and similar cameras can be used to capture virtual reality stills and movies, how these can be uploaded to sites such as Google Maps, YouTube and flickr, and finally, how these can be immersively experienced with high and low-end viewers, such as Google Cardboard.

By the end of the seminar, you will have an understanding of the principles of panoramic and virtual reality photography, be able to choose the right equipment for acquisition, the right software for post-production and be aware of the options for final output, including printing and web delivery. You are welcome to bring your cameras and lenses for the practical session - a list of suggested equipment will be emailed.

You will also be provided with speaker's notes and a panoramic fact-sheet.

The seminar is held in central London, at The Georgian Group, 6 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 5DX from 10.00 am until 5.00 pm. The cost of the day is £255 with a special price of £195 for Nikon Owner subscribers, or £135 for Nikon Owner Gold subscribers. Coffee, tea and biscuits will be available in the morning and afternoon.

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